Hey, I'm Erny, a 25 year old natural bodybuilder from the South-West of England.

I know what it feels like for people to ask “are you on steroids?”, after undergoing a successful transformation myself (below).

So, I've set up AreTheyOnSteroids.com for 3 main reasons:

  • To defend those who are falsely accused of taking steroids
  • To help people understand how much muscle you can build naturally
  • To educate people about steroids

Defending the Falsely Accused

Many people who are natural are being called liars and steroid-cheats which has put bodybuilding in a bad light.

There are 2 main reasons why people do this:

  • They're jealous
  • They're ignorant

Being jealous of a guy with big muscles is as ridiculous as a girl being jealous of someone with bigger boobs.

…Just because she's got big boobs doesn't mean she's had a boob job.

Some people are just blessed genetically when it comes to building muscle.

There are others who don't believe certain people are natural because they're ignorant. They simply don't understand how much muscle the human body is capable of building, and what it means to have exceptional genetics.

Understanding How Much Muscle You Can Build Naturally

It's my goal to educate readers and help them dIscover how much muscle is naturally achievable attainable. On this site is articles on people who I believe ARE taking steroids.

By publicly saying this, I don't judge them or view them in a negative light whatsoever. I'm just giving my opinion so readers know this person's body might not be naturally attainable. The potential steroid-users on this site still deserve immense credit and respect for what they've achieved, as taking drugs does NOT guarantee you an awesome physique.

Educating People About Steroids

You'll see that I've got a ‘steroids' section on Aretheyonsteroids.com. Here I talk more about anabolic steroids and which ones do what. This isn't to recommend or promote anabolic steroids in any way, as I would never intend to do that. These articles are written for informational purposes and to help monetize my blog.

You'll see in these articles that I include banners and links that point to a merchant called Crazy Bulk. These are natural supplements or legal steroid alternatives. So effectively by adding these links, people are more likely to buy these products instead of dangerous/illegal steroids from the black market (which can only be a positive thing).

I receive 45% commission on all crazybulk products bought through this website, so I'm grateful to all of those who do put in an order with crazybulk.

Do Crazybulk's supplements work? I couldn't tell you because I've never tried them. However, I did get some awesome gains off tribulus terrestris which is an ingredient in some of their products (although I also experienced quite a bit of anxiety on tribulus). You can read more about this in my Crazy Bulk review.

However, other tribulus-users have reported different gains/side effects to what I had, so this proves that everyone is different. Generally, I'm not a supplements type of guy, because a lot of them are placebos/a waste of money. But at the same time I understand that people are willing to spend their money on something that might or might not give them bigger muscle gains.

This site hasn't been set up to speculate or state the obvious, but to analyse an individual's body composition in great detail.

Then to finally make an unbiased, science-based verdict depending on the factual evidence presented.

What Bodybuilding Pros Are Saying About Are They On Steroids

The following comments are from some of the best fitness models/bodybuilders in the world. Be sure to give them a follow on social media.

“A little investigative research can go a long way…”

I appreciate the time that this guy spent on actually researching a few facts instead of false claims and accusations. A little investigative research can actually go a long way. Thanks to Erny Peibst for sharing this on my Twitter” (1)

– Rob Riches, fitness model/bodybuilding champion


“Great Write Up Erny, Thank You”

Jamie Alderton

Great write up Erny Peibst thank you 💪 (2). The article was really good. Straight to the point, lots of valid reasons and it’s quite humorous (3).

– Jamie Alderton, WBFF Pro and sponsored Grenade athlete


“I Appreciate the Mention”


I appreciate the mention, it was a funny read (4).

– Anton Antipov, Men’s Physique champion and model



What people don't understand is that everybody's genetics are wildly different. Thus it's difficult for some to accept that somebody else who doesn't work as hard as them, can be more jacked.

But this is the game of bodybuilding and genetics will always dominate.

But that's not to say somebody with weak genetics can't build an incredibly muscular physique, because they can and it's been done.

Bodybuilding is the greatest sport in the world because it's all about YOUR evolution, being the best YOU can be and nothing else.