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I’m Erny, a 23 year old natural bodybuilder and I’ve set up ‘Are They on Steroids?’ to educate people regarding whether a certain bodybuilding/fitness model/actor is likely to be on steroids or not.

This site hasn’t been set up to speculate and state the obvious, but to analyse an individual’s body composition in great detail. Then to finally make an unbiased, science-based verdict depending on the factual evidence presented.

It’s my aim to defend those who are unlikely to be taking steroids, where there is a lack of scientifical evidence to suggest they are juicing.

Such pros are still being labeled as ‘steroid users’ simply due to their exceptional muscularity, which is unfair and ignorant.

All steroid-users have similar physical attributes that can be seen simply by looking at them.

Such as:

  • Flushed skin
  • Acne
  • Blocky face/jaw
  • Bloat/water retention
  • Well-developed androgen sensitive muscles (such as traps).
  • Gyno

I take all of these signs into account when making a verdict. Other things I look out for:

  • An individual’s competitive history.

So if he’s competed in several strictly drug tested bodybuilding competitions including a polygraph and random testing (and has never failed), then this is a big sign that the person is natural.

  • Time span of gains

If someone has been lifting for 5 years, then all of a sudden blows up, this is abnormal and would point to steroid-use.

Problems with modern-day bodybuilding:

  • People see someone bigger than themselves, point their fingers and claim ‘steroids’ (without any valid reason/explanation). Nattyornot.com is a website that has this exact mentality. “Anybody who’s got 16 inch arms or over is on steroids” – rubbish. I’ve got over 16 inch arms at 5 ft 7, under 10% body fat and I’m natural. Plus only 23 years old and have weak genetics. I also know quite a few guys who are even bigger than me and haven’t touched a steroid in their lives.
  • Bodybuilders claiming they’re ‘natural’ in order to get sponsorship deals and a large fan base – when in fact they are juicing. This is very deceiving and is bad for the industry. The aim of this website is to reveal which guys are in fact natural and to expose who are showing obvious signs of steroid-use.

What people don’t understand is that everybody’s genetics are wildly different. Understandably it’s difficult for some men to accept that somebody who doesn’t work as hard as them, can be more jacked.

But this is the game of bodybuilding and genetics will always dominate.

But that’s not to say somebody with weak genetics can’t build an incredibly muscular physique, because they can and it’s been done.

Bodybuilding is the greatest sport in the world because it’s all about your evolution, being the best YOU can be.

It’s NOT about getting bitter and hating on someone if they’re bigger than you. But if you do want to call someone out, this site will give you some real evidence to back up your claims.