Anavar Benefits & Typical Gains

anavar benefits
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

Anavar can benefit a bodybuilder in many ways. In this article I'm going to discuss all of anavar's benefits in detail,  and how it will effect your body composition.

Anavar is predominantly a cutting steroid, so if you're bulking it's going to have minimal impact on your gains. However, if you're trying to burn fat/retain muscle – anavar can be incredibly effective.

Anavar Benefits:

  • Burns fat
  • Increases strength
  • Retains muscle
  • Diuretic
  • Increases intracellular cell volume


Burns Fat

Many bodybuilders will know that anavar is one of the best steroids for burning fat, however not many people know exactly how anavar burns fat.

Anavar is an anti-glucocorticoid, which means it has a profound lowering effect on the stress hormone – cortisol.

When cortisol levels are elevated it can contribute to high blood pressure, muscle loss, anxiety, cancer and fat gain. Thus lower cortisol levels can result in more muscle mass and less body fat…which every bodybuilder wants.

Not to mention that lower cortisol levels will contribute to much better overall health, keeping your blood pressure and immune system in check.

Bodybuilders can be more susceptible to higher cortisol levels due to intense training and strict dieting (when cutting), making this anti-glucocorticoid effect very potent.

Increases in Strength

You might have heard that DHT binds 5x more to androgen receptors than testosterone. So high DHT levels will increase lean muscle mass and strength when cutting.

Most anavar users won't gain much size on this cutting steroid, with the steroid being more associated with significant increases in strength rather than muscle gains. Females however can experience more muscle hypertrophy (size) when taking oxandrolone – as they have less androgen hormones in their body and are thus more sensitive.

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Another reason why anavar enhances your strength is because it increases ATP levels. ATP stands for Adenosine triphosphate, which is your muscle's energy source.

The more energy your muscles have, the more weight you'll be able to lift and the more reps you'll be able to complete.

This is a great anavar benefit because many bodybuilders would look amazing if they dropped 5% body fat from a cut, but are scared to diet because of the fear of losing muscle/strength. Either of these dreaded scenarios are greatly reduced when taking anavar.

Retains Muscle

As mentioned previously, anavar will cause your cortisol levels to drop, reducing the chances of muscle loss when attempting a cut.

Testosterone levels will also rise on anavar, however not to the extent of bulking steroids, which are much more powerful and taxing on your hormones. Thus spiked test levels may help you build some mass, assuming you don't cut too aggressively. Due to this testosterone rise, your natural testosterone production may become suppressed after a cycle…however your body will be able to rectify this much quicker than if you were to take more severe compounds.


Another one of anavar's benefits, is it helps you lose water weight.

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Reducing water retention will make you look more shredded and DRY. This makes anavar one of the best steroids to take during summer, when your body is on show and people could be ‘mirin your aesthetics. This diuretic effect can also cause you to become more vascular and increase your muscle tone.

You'll gain the water you lose on anavar back when you finish your cycle.

Increases intracellular cell volume

This point completely contradicts the last, but it's a great anavar benefit so it's worthy of a mention.

Anavar causes you to lose water weight, helping you look dry instead of smooth. But at the same time it causes you to retain water inside of your muscles.

When water levels increase inside the muscle cell, you will look bigger and fuller than usual.

So you'll lose water in the places you don't want it and gain it where you crave it the most – making you look pumped.

Typical Gains

It's all good and well knowing all of anavar's benefits, but how much fat will you lose and how much strength will you gain?

Assuming your diet is on point (aka in a calorie deficit) and you're doing regular cardio, you should lose approximately 12lbs from a 4 week cycle on anavar. This will translate to a loss of 3% body fat (approximately).

The longer you cycle anavar for the more gains you'll experience, although progress will slow down towards the end of your cycle.

In terms of strength gains, many people report BIG increases, making anavar one of the best steroids for strength.

Fat loss and strength gains on anavar are thought to be permanent and thus won't diminish after your cycle ends.

Although anavar is a pretty mild steroid, it's still potentially dangerous. Thus it would be a safer option to use anvarol instead – a legal steroid alternative.

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