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Helpful Tips To Look Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

In his prime, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian Oak himself, had one of the best bodybuilding physiques that the world had ever seen.

He took up bodybuilding in his late teens and quickly began winning show after show.

By the time he was in his early twenties, he had become close friends with the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider, and truthfully every time he stepped on stage he looked unstoppable.

He won consecutive Mr Olympia titles in the 1970’s, back to back, before retiring to pursue a career in acting.

After landing a few starring roles, Arnold decided to make a comeback to bodybuilding and entered the 1980 Mr Olympia.

He only trained for a few months, which in bodybuilding terms is nothing, yet, controversially it has to be said, he once again won the title, before retiring and making a full-time switch to Hollywood.

Even now, pushing 70 years of age, Arnold still looks great and has a physique that would make a 30 year old man jealous.

If you want an Arnold Schwarzenegger physique of your own, you can have one, or at least a close resemblance, you just need to know what to do.

Here’s a look at a few tips to help you build your very own Arnold Schwarzenegger physique so that you look and feel better than you ever have before.

Work That Chest

If there’s one thing that a prime Arnold was known for, it was for having one of the largest, thickest, fullest, most defined chests in all of bodybuilding at the time.

If you want to emulate your Austrian idol, you need to make sure you pay special attention to your chest, and work it to absolute failure every single time, utilizing a wide range of different exercises.

When it comes to working your chest, make sure that you keep it simple, just as Arnold used to do.

Arnold was a big fan of compound exercises such as barbell bench presses, both incline and flat, so think about incorporating those.

He also performed a lot of flat dumbbell flyes, dumbbell pullovers, and cable crossovers.

Remember, adding mass to the chest is all about keeping things simple, sticking with compound exercises and movements using basic equipment that has been used since the 70s.

Keep Your Waist In Check

Another thing you immediately noticed about Arnold’s physique at the time, was the fact that whilst his upper body was indeed so massive, he had a notoriously small and slender waist, which only helped to enhance the sheer mass of his upper body.

Nowadays, modern bodybuilders sadly have thick and wide waists, along with distended stomachs that make them look as if they’re pregnant.

The reason for this, though few will admit it, is down to the use of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which, whilst helping to build muscle, also increases the size of major internal organs, which causes them to swell, and push against the lining of the abdomen, giving a bloated effect.

Instead, for a much more aesthetic look, think about training so that your waist remains slim and slender. This will not only help keep body fat under control, it will also help make you look bigger and fuller in the process.

Don’t Forget Your Legs

Ok, if there was one weak point that Arnold had, it was his calves, which are notoriously difficult to add mass to.

Rather than accepting this and accepting that his calf genetics weren’t great, Arnold instead trained his legs twice as hard, and was able to carve out a very impressive set of wheels in the process.

He would perform barbell squats until close to puking, he would hack squat, do lunges, standing calf raises, seated calf raises, hamstring curls, leg presses, and much more besides.

You should never skip leg day anyways, and if you’re trying to look like one of the all-time greats of the bodybuilding world, you definitely should never skip leg day.

Focus On Weak Points

As mentioned, Arnold’s main weakness was his calves, so what did he do?

He trained them twice as hard and twice as often.

Eventually this paid off as they looked, much, much better after stepping up his calf training, which goes to show that persistence does pay off.

If your shoulders are lacking compared with the rest of your body, train them twice as hard and train them more frequently.

It doesn’t matter which body part you feel is your weakest, if you put in the hard work and really focus on making improvements, eventually that hard work will pay off, and you’ll be so glad you did it.

Be Dedicated

Arnold didn’t win consecutive Mr Olympia titles by half-assing his workouts and his diet, he lived bodybuilding and dedicated his life to it at that time.

Ok, you may not need to go to that extreme if you aren’t planning on competing, but you still need to be dedicated in order to make progress.

That means you have to stick to your diet, eat the right foods at the right time, get enough sleep, train when you’re supposed to, and don’t decide to skip the gym so you can hit the clubs with your buddies instead.

If you want something, you need to work for it which means dedicating yourself to your cause, which in this case, is building an Arnold Schwarzenegger physique that you can be proud of.


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