Is Clenbuterol Legal in New Zealand?

clenbuterol new zealand
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

In a country where half of the adult population is overweight, it's not surprising that many of these people are turning to fat burning supplements, as a solution for their weight issues. The percentage of overweight and obese New Zealanders has been rising steadily over the years. As a result, the New Zealand government has introduced various health programs which promote healthy eating habits and a healthier lifestyle among the population.

Unfortunately, many people are not keen to follow these schemes. After all, who would want to swap yummy burgers and fast food for vegetables and fruit? Nevertheless, many agree that obesity is a major concern in New Zealand and that's why fat burning supplements like clenbuterol have become pretty popular.

clenbuterol new zealand

New Zealand laws surrounding Clenbuterol aren't 100% clear, especially when it comes to human use. This is because it's not legally available in the country. On the other hand, it's perfectly legal to be in possession of the drug.

…which is where the confusion comes in.

New Zealand has enforced laws concerning prescription drugs, with Clenbuterol high on the agenda. You cannot buy the drug without a prescription letter from a certified doctor or vet. Furthermore, it's not possible to find Clenbuterol in your local supplement store as it's not available over the counter. Its distribution is highly controlled by the authorities, making it increasingly difficult to get your hands on.

…However, if you can get your hands on it somehow – it's legal for YOU to use it and no one else.

Make sense? Good.

As you might already know, Clenbuterol was not created with the intentions of being a powerful fat burner. It was instead created to treat asthma, and improve aerobic capacity; especially in horses and other animals. However, scientists soon realised that it had great fat burning properties; which have become especially appealing to athletes, bodybuilders, and every day people who'd like to look better. The bad news is, the drug isn't readily available in New Zealand, considering the various restrictions put in place by the government.

Clenbuterol is considered a wonder drug by many…well as far as losing weight and having toned muscles is concerned. The down side is, abuse and misuse of the drug has been rampant over the years..which is why the New Zealand government have been forced to restrict the distribution of clen.

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It's also important to understand that possible side effects due to misuse can be fatal, and that's why the government is keen on controlling the distribution in NZ.

The New Zealand Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, recently updated in 2016, acts as a good example of government legislation surrounding the use of clenbuterol. It seeks to control the distribution of various drugs including Clenbuterol and other anabolic steroids. According to this Drugs Act, you cannot acquire Clenbuterol or any prescription drugs without doctor’s consent (as previously mentioned).

New Zealand isn't the only country that limits the distribution of clenbuterol, but its regulations are stricter than other countries. The fact that you need a doctor or vet’s prescription makes it even harder. Unfortunately, for those who want clen and don't want to break the law there's no way around this.

A vet cannot give you a prescription letter without a genuine reason. Trying to forge prescription documents will definitely get you behind bars. Nonetheless, this doesn't stop people from trying.

There is one kind of loophole though. People are free to acquire the drug from abroad and get it shipped overseas (if it's for your own personal use). However, if you plan to sell these foreign goods in New Zealand you could get into trouble.

Popular sources of Clenbuterol are often bought from Mexico, Canada and the USA. Some Asian countries like China and India also sell Clenbuterol, but shipment may take longer than expected due to numerous inspections that Asian countries have to undergo at customs.

It's important that you order genuine Clenbuterol products, otherwise you might experience some nasty side effects or no change at all. When buying products online, the rule of thumb is, always carry out a background check on the supplier before making a purchase. If the company doesn't have a strong presence on social media and has mixed reviews, you'd better think twice before purchasing it.

As far as government legislation is concerned, always be on the lookout for any changes in the law. You can obtain information from any government health resource in regards to banned drugs (including Clenbuterol).


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