Does Clenbuterol Work? The TRUTH

does clenbuterol work
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

For over 3 decades now, clenbuterol has been used mainly as a bronchodilator. At the very beginning it was used on horses, but over time it's now used by millions of humans for entirely different purposes. It turns out that because of its effect on the central nervous system, clenbuterol's capable of triggering a substantial calorie burn.

Clenbuterol is also thought to have mild-anabolic qualities (resulting in small increases in muscle mass). This probably explains why this drug is becoming a mainstream name; with it being used by celebrities to get rid of excess fat. It's also in great demand by athletes who need to stay within a certain weight category for their sport, helping them cut down if they're too heavy a few weeks before their event.

Does Clenbuterol really work?

There is a lot of buzz around this drug, with a lot of famous people rumored to using it with great success…but is there any substance to this hype?

The general consensus out there seems to be that – yes it does work.

In fact, some sections of the pharmaceuticals community have argued that the thermogenic compound is about 10 times as effective ephedrine. This explains why some users refer to it as ephedrine’s ‘older brother’. There have been reviews in which users say they've managed to lose as much as 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks of using clen. That's pretty rapid weight loss.

While most user reports have been positive so far, keep in mind that it does not always work out the same way for everyone. For example, some people may lose 2 pounds, others will shed 8 and others may lose no weight at all. This is because apart from the efficacy of the intricate chemical components of the drug, there are individual factors that also come into play.

Those who are stacking clenbuterol with other similar cutting compounds are going to experience results within a short time. Similarly, those taking clenbuterol in combination with a solid diet and physical exertion programme, are also going to experience a swifter change compared to those using it by itself.

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There have even been studies suggesting that even different forms of clenbuterol are absorbed differently. A case in point is someone who uses the drug in liquid form versus another who chooses to go with the tablets. Experts indicate that those who take clenbuterol in liquid form tend to get quicker responses as the drug enters their bloodstream without having to go through a complicated digestive process.

Apart from these individual choices, there is of course the biology of the person involved. People’s bodies do not exactly synthesize chemicals and transmit signals in the same way and so everyone's results will differ somewhat.

Stimulating BMR

In a nutshell, clenbuterol stimulates the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the body. This kicks off a series of chain reactions, which end up with the body rapidly metabolizing glycogen. This glycogen is released into the bloodstream.

This basically renders the body incapable of storing or using glycogen. Note that this is the compound required for various biological activities (glycogen is the body's main source of energy).

With the body incapable of breaking down glycogen (to glucose) and using it, some sort of fail-safe mechanism is initiated. Conseuently your body now has to make use of proteins and fats as an alternative source of energy, and that is how clenbuterol is able to burn a large amount of calories.

How do you maximize your fat loss on clenbuterol?

One of the most obvious ways of achieving weight loss with clenbuterol involves taking other drugs that boost its efficiency.

T3 is one of the compounds that work great alongside clenbuterol. The combination is especially handy when the user wants to keep losing body fat while, whilst consuming a good amount of food.

Some people stack this drug with specific steroids that prevent water retention in the body – such as anavar or winstrol. Taking such compounds together creates a sense of synergy.

If you're not keen on taking several compounds together, then you can always rely on other natural ways to burn fat (alongside using clen); such as regular cardio, a calorie-controlled diet and healthy food choices. Usually people take clenbuterol in a two week on/off phase, allowing the body to build, repair and maintain slowly. Be sure to take your dose only once a day as this is quite a potent sympathomimetic amine.

So, does clenbuterol work?

Yes, it works extremely well (in regards to burning fat).

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