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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

Crazybulk is the leading online distributor of ‘legal steroids‘; and they also happen to sell HGH.

Human growth hormone is becoming ridiculously popular worldwide, due to it having a dramatic positive impact on body composition and health (when taken in moderation).

Benefits of HGH:

  • Better skin (anti-ageing)
  • More muscle
  • Less fat
  • Increased muscle tone
  • More energy

hgh for sale online

Many bodybuilders are making orders with CrazyBulk, but also normal people with no intention of building muscle are also buying HGH x2, because they want to experience more energy or better skin.

…2 things that deteriorate as you get older.

CrazyBulk's HGH is 100% approved by the FDA and legal to buy in every country. This also applies to all their other products they sell online.

They offer fast shipping with generous discounts. For example, you can save $25 on Crazybulk's HGH compared to other online brands.

CrazyBulk also have a Buy 2, Get 1 FREE special on all of their ‘legal steroids', helping you save even more money if you want to stack other compounds with HGH.

What is HGH and who uses it?

Human Growth Hormone is essentially a steroid that is secreted naturally by your pituitary gland in the brain.

High levels of HGH are naturally occurring in your early years and during puberty. The result of this is a whopping increase in muscle mass -helping you transform from a boy into a man.

Unfortunately after this period, HGH levels drastically drop – slowing down muscle growth significantly.

hgh chart

As you can see from the chart above, a typical 40 year old man will only have 30% of the HGH levels in comparison to a teenager. Also a man in his 20’s will only have around half the HGH of a 10 year old.

This shows of the immense potential there is to build muscle when HGH levels are high.

Bodybuilder’s Linked to HGH Use

The best bodybuilders in the world regularly cycle HGH supplements.

Some natty bodybuilders do everything humanly possible to get a subtle increase in HGH, whilst the Pro's often resort to taking illegal HGH compounds. Failing to do so will result in their rivals adding more muscle mass and accumulating a lower body fat percentage, resulting in more ripped muscle definition.

Bodybuilders thought to be on HGH include:

hgh for sale online

How to Maximize Your Gains on HGH

For best results I recommend getting 2 bottles of HGH x2 in a 60 day cycle (by doing this you can also make use of the buy 2 get 1 free offer). This way your human growth hormone levels can remain elevated for longer, resulting in bigger gains.

Fat Loss  

HGH is a very powerful fat burner. For maximum fat loss whilst on HGH – eat in a calorie deficit.

To those who don't know what that means – eat less calories than your body burns in a day.

I.e. don't overeat – undereat!

Muscle Gains  

HGH is nearly as powerful for building muscle than it is for losing fat. You typically won't build as much muscle compared to typical bulking steroids like dianabol or testosterone; but you can still expect to make some crazy gains.

Strength Gains  

Just like with any other steroid, HGH will give you a nice strength boost. However it's not the best compound in the world for helping you lift weights, being less powerful than other bulking agents and anavar.

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Side Effects?

HGH is a steroid where you won't notice too many adverse effects.

The only problems that crops up from time to time is when bodybuilders take HGH and huge amounts of INSULIN.

Insulin and HGH isn't the best combination if you want to avoid the ‘steroid gut' countless bodybuilders are seen with these days.

Again, this isn't a worry for normal HGH users, only to those who inject absurd amounts of insulin to gain as much size as humanly possible. This combo is why bodybuilding has lost its aesthetic touch over the past 2 decades.


Although this article is predominantly discussing the bodybuilding aspect of using human growth hormone, millions of other people use this compound who have no interest in bodybuilding whatsoever.

These are usually people who want beautiful skin or want to boost their overall health, due to HGH levels naturally decreasing with old age.

However, if you are a bodybuilder looking for HGH for sale online, visit Crazybulk and stack it with some of their other ‘legal steroids' to get ripped to shreds.

hgh for sale online

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