How to Take Steroids Safely?

how to take steroids safely
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

First of all, I do not advise anyone to take anabolic steroids – unless you've got a muscle wasting disease and your doctor is adamant you take them to improve your health

For one, they're illegal in almost every country in the world so you'd be breaking the law (assuming you didn't get them on prescription and you're using them for vanity purposes). And two, anabolic steroids are potentially fatal and can pose many different risks to the body.

However, I also understand that not everyone is going to listen to my advice when it comes to not taking steroids, so I've dedicated the following article to help people minimize the side effects of steroids as much as possible.

Note: There are legal steroid alternatives out there which you can buy online. I always advise people to try these out over taking illegal steroids. 

Crazy bulk steroid alternatives

Less Toxic Steroids

Some steroids are simply more toxic than others. Certain anabolics can be more taxing on the liver and others can result in hypertension (high blood pressure).

Here's a list of less toxic steroids:

  • Testosterone
  • Anavar
  • Dianabol (oral)
  • Deca

Other bulking compounds like anadrol and trenbolone often result in complications…and even if a user has great gains, these compounds are only used sparingly afterwards due to them causing more severe side effects. Many people complain about high blood pressure, headaches and negative liver values when taking anadrol for example.

Trenbolone can also result in anxiety/paranoia/depression towards the end of a cycle, however this is only applicable to sensitive individuals who may have had problems in the past.

Generally the best steroids for beginners are the more mild/safer compounds – like testosterone.

Liver Strain

Liver damage is one of the most common side effects of oral steroids, as steroids are broken down by the liver.

…Unless you're using injectables where they will bypass the liver.

Taking adequate time off inbetween cycles (several weeks) usually gives the liver enough time to heal, because it happens to be a very tough organ with strong healing properties.

However, if you do have any concerns about your liver health on a cycle, you can supplement with the following:

  • Milk thistle
  • Dandelion root
  • Silymarin

All of these natural liver supplements can help minimize damage during a cycle, when your liver is taking a battering.

LDL Cholesterol Levels

Many steroids increase testosterone, causing your LDL levels to inevitably rise. The problem with this is that LDL is the bad type of cholesterol and will cause your blood pressure to also increase.

Always keep an eye on your blood pressure during a cycle and if your systolic/dystolic readings rise to 140/9o or above – make sure you call a doctor ASAP.

You might not experience any symptoms even if you do have high blood pressure, hence the ‘silent killer' nickname. However some people do experience the following symptoms if they've got hypertension, so keep a look out:

  • Blurry vision
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • A fast, irregular or thumping heart beat
  • Increased sweating
  • Regular shortness of breath

Ideally you should take regular check ups with your doctor throughout a steroid cycle to keep an eye on everything.   To be even more safe it'd be wise to order a home blood pressure kit (from amazon).

Supplements which can lower LDL levels or reduce blood pressure include:

  • Garlic
  • Omega-3
  • Grape seed extract
  • Coenzyme Q10

Incorporating cardio into your workout split would also be a wise idea when taking steroids, as studies have shown CV training increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure. Cardio will also help you burn more calories, helping you get leaner…so it's a win-win!


Another problem with taking steroids is actually what happens post-cycle.

When you take steroids that boost testosterone to crazy levels, your body then shuts down T production, thus sabotaging your natural hormone balance.

Extremely low testosterone levels can last several weeks or even months after a cycle, weakening your immune system and increasing the chances of you getting ill.

Incorporating a solid PCT (post cycle therapy) can be the difference in your hormones restoring back to normal in a matter of weeks, or you suffering from low testosterone symptoms for many months.

Dr Michael Scally recommends taking HCG, nolvadex and clomid together. Here's the outlined daily dosages:

  • 10mg nolvadex
  • 100mg clomid
  • 2000 IU HCG

HCG is only to be taken for 16 days, but clomid and nolvadex are to be taken continuously for 45 days. Clinical trials have proven that after this duration normal hormone balance is often restored. This practice is thought to be implemented by many doctors whose patients have been prescribed anabolic steroids and hormones have crashed.


Your body is your temple that God has given you, so it's your duty to protect it.

…In other words, do NOT take anabolic (illegal) steroids.

However, some of you will nonetheless choose to take anabolics and may suffer some serious side effects. If you follow the tips outlined in this article you'll minimize the damage done and remain as healthy as possible.

If you do take steroids don't do excessively long cycles or take high doses, as this will only cause more problems in the long run.

How to take steroids safely? Follow all of the advice in this post and if you decide to take steroids, stick to the following:

  • Testosterone
  • Anavar
  • Deca
  • Dianabol (oral)

…As these are capable of giving you great gains without as many side effects.

You can't guarantee that taking steroids is going to be safe, but you can make it MORE safe based on how you use them. If you're concerned with steroids' side effects you can buy ‘legal steroids‘ online, which are safe and natural alternatives to anabolic steroids.



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