Oxy 50 – How to Maximize Gains & Reduce Side Effects

oxy 50
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

Oxy 50 tablets are probably the most powerful oral steroids a bodybuilder can take. Oxy is short for oxymetholone, otherwise known as anadrol. Oxy 50's are taken by bodybuilders to help them pack on muscle at a rapid rate, blowing up their muscles in a matter of weeks.

Oxy 50 was originally invented to help patients who were underweight, enabling them to put on additional mass. Oxy 50 and dianabol remain as the two most popular anabolics for athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass quickly.

Oxy 50 is a secondary steroid, thus taking it can lower a man's natural testosterone production post-cycle. To combat this and to keep your test levels elevated, it's recommended to cycle testosterone in conjunction with oxy 50.

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How To Use Oxy 50

When you first start using oxy 50, you should take just 1 tablet a day. Each tablet provides 50 milligrams of this steroid, hence the name oxy 50. After a week, if you feel fine and you're in a good bill of health, you can increase your dosage to 100 milligrams for the next 3 to 5 weeks. 100mg is a pretty hefty dose so if you're experiencing noticeable sides at 50 don't up your dosage until your bodies adapted.

After each anadrol cycle give your body a break for 12 weeks. This will give you time to restore your natural hormone production, your liver to recover and for your blood pressure to come back down to normal. Some people like to use oxy 50 during a cutting phase in order to retain as much muscle as possible, however anadrol's more commonly (and better) used in the off season. For maximum results you should incorporate oxy 50 during a bulking phase, as it's two main qualities are to increase muscle size and strength. Its effectiveness will be compromised if you were to cut on lower calories.

The impact of oxy 50 on the body starts to decrease the longer this steroid is taken. This is why you should only perform short cycles and take a substantial break from it post-cycle, to make sure your body doesn't build up a tolerance to it.  This way your body will respond better to oxy 50 with each cycle, instead of plateauing.

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The Benefits Of Using Oxy 50?

We've already touched on the fact that oxy 50 is an gigantic mass builder. However, the degree to which anadrol builds muscle is truly remarkable. Even experienced bodybuilders who've been lifting for years can experience rapid muscle growth with this compound – adding up to 40lbs from a 6 week cycle.

The catch with oxy 50 is that it usually gives a user more side effects, in comparison to other steroids. Dianabol and testosterone for instance are some other bulking steroids which are more mild/less toxic on the body. Those who love anadrol are usually the ones who don't have bad reactions to it and can cope with the side effects reasonably well.

In addition to building muscle fast, oxy 50 has a number of other benefits. It will give you a new level of strength and power to you workouts, enabling you to lift heavier, harder and for longer. These other attributes of oxy 50 will indirectly help you build more muscle. Oxy 50 can also help to soothe joint pain, which is a common complaint made by veteran bodybuilders.

Another benefit of oxy 50 is that it'll cause you to retain water.

…So you're probably thinking “Retaining water…that's bad!”.

In actual fact retaining water can be very beneficial to a bodybuilder when it comes to making gains in the off season. The muscles become significantly fuller meaning you'll look pumped when you're cold. This extra fullness can aid in stretching the muscle fascia promoting further tissue growth. Plus this extra water and glycogen boosts ATP levels in the muscle, meaning they'll take longer to fatigue during workouts, meaning you'll be able to bang out more reps than usual.

However, because oxy 50 can cause some extracellular water retention (bloating) temporarily, it's wiser to utilize this steroid in the off-season rather than in the summer when it's beach season.

How Can I Use Oxy 50 Safely?

Oxy 50 is hepatotoxic, which basically means it can damage your liver. In order to protect yourself from this potentially dangerous side effect, make sure you keep your cycles short. Major health problems can occur when cycles become excessively long (6 plus weeks) and when bodybuilders don't want to cycle off because they're scared of losing gains.

Also those obsessed with making gains are tempted to take large doses of oxy 50, popping 2 or 3 tablets instead of 1. Even 25mg of anadrol is enough to make gains, so anything larger than 50-100mg of oxy for a newbie is like playing russian roulette with your health. It'll give you a whole load of nasty side effects – with no additional gains. 50mg is plenty.

When taking oxy 50's you should have blood work done on a regular basis to monitor for any signs of liver damage or elevated blood pressure. While these side effects might make you leery of using oxy 50, keep in mind that all steroids have side effects. If you are going to take them, the key is to minimize your risk by using them in a cautious and responsible manner.


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