rob riches testimonial

“A little investigative research can go a long way…”

“I appreciate the time that this guy spent on actually researching a few facts instead of false claims and accusations.

A little investigative research can actually go a long way. Thanks to Erny Peibst for sharing this on my Twitter” (1)

      – Rob Riches, fitness model/bodybuilding champion


jamie alderton

“Great Write Up Erny, Thank You”

“Great write up Erny Peibst thank you 💪 (2).

The article was really good. Straight to the point, lots of valid reasons and it’s quite humorous (3)”

 – Jamie Alderton, WBFF Pro and sponsored Grenade athlete


“I appreciate the mention”


I appreciate the mention, it was a funny read (4).

– Anton Antipov, Men’s Physique champion and model