Meet the Team

Erny Peibst – CEO

erny peibst

Erny Peibst is the founder of AreTheyOnSteroids.com. He's a 25 year old natural bodybuilder and professional blogger from the south-west of England.

Erny knows what it takes to transform his body, having gained 50lbs of (non-newbie) muscle in 3 years, helping him overcome his ectomorph genetics. He's also lost 50lbs, during several cutting cycles, going from chubby to ripped.

Erny's researched and written about steroids for over 5 years. He also has practical knowledge regarding the effects of steroids, by reaching out to people who have taken them and thus gaining insight from their real-life experiences.

His articles have been read by over 1 million people and his work's been recognized by leading fitness websites, national newspapers and bodybuilding celebrities.

  • Breaking Muscle rated Erny in the top 20 fitness bloggers online.
  • Menprovement and the PTDC listed Erny's articles as the ‘best on the web'.
  • Erny's also been featured in English newspapers including the Daily Star and Indy100, as well as the New York Times blog.

Rob Riches, CT Fletcher, Jamie Alderton and Anton Antipov are just some bodybuilding professionals/celebrities who have publicly supported Erny's work.

I appreciate the time that this guy spent on actually researching a few facts instead of false claims and accusations. A…

Posted by Rob Riches on Thursday, 14 April 2016


Is Jamie Alderton on steroids?


Posted by Jamie Alderton on Saturday, 23 April 2016


Erny's 3 main objectives with AreTheyOnSteroids.com are:

  • To be the leading website for discovering whether someone is on steroids or not
  • To defend bodybuilders/actors who are falsely accused of taking steroids
  • To educate people about the effects of steroids and encourage the use of natural alternatives.

Contact info

Email: erny@aretheyonsteroids.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/ernypeibstfitness


Dr Sandra El Hajj – Co-author/editor

dr sandra el hajj

Dr Sandra El Hajj is a Lebanese American health professional, who's studied at the American University of Beirut, Florida International University and NOVA in Fort Lauderdale; where she completed her doctoral degree in 2011. She has worked with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Europe (situated in England, Ireland, Ukraine) and Australia.

She specializes in preventive and global health, making her a perfect fit for AreTheyOnSteroids.com, where our aim is to educate readers about the side effects of steroids and recommend safe/natural alternatives that can be taken instead.

Contact info

Email: drsandra@aretheyonsteroids.com

Instagram: @drsandraelhajj , @wellness.with.drsandraelhajj

Facebook: facebook.com/drsandraelhajj

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/drsandraelhajj

Website: drsandraelhajj.com