Best Anadrol Dosage for BIG Gains (Less Side Effects)

anadrol dosage
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following advice shouldn't replace a doctor's visit

Bulking up to gain more size and mass is a goal for many bodybuilders in the offseason. To achieve this some people resort to using steroids like anadrol.

Anadrol is a very powerful anabolic that can result in a user gaining significant amounts of mass. Anadrol also makes workouts more enjoyable due to experiencing huge pumps and a big strength increases. Many gym rats take anadrol haphazardly, without nailing their nutrition or workouts, which won't result in huge gains. Another reason why some might not experience great results on anadrol is because they haven't got a good supplier or they're dosage isn't optimal.

anadrol dosage

1) What is the right dose?

Taking too much of anadrol will result in a whole load of negative side effects.

Take too little of anadrol and you'll be cutting your gains short.

So how much should you take?

100mg of anadrol per day is standard for experienced bodybuilders looking to build muscle.

25mg of anadrol is the daily dose for those who are new to the steroid or to bodybuilding in general. Because their body isn't used to taking such a harsh compound it's important to ease yourself in slowly and not take too much too soon as a newbie. Once your body starts to get used to this steroid, you can then up your dose if you're still in good health. This will result in bigger gains.

If you're bodies not reacting well to anadrol on 50mg, don't up your dose. Instead keep your dose and cycles short until your body responds to it better. It's important to remember that anadrol is a very toxic steroid and shouldn't be taken willy nilly.

Consuming anything greater than 100mg of A-drol per day is extreme and the chances of developing serious side effects goes up significantly. It's our recommendation that you never overdose or abuse steroids, as this can often be fatal if done for too long. It's also worth pointing out that taking mega doses of anadrol WON'T mean you'll make more gains. There is a cut off point with every steroid where taking more is just pointless/dangerous.

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By taking 100mg of anadrol a day, you will gain roughly 30lbs of muscle (based on a 6 week cycle). If you're experiencing side effects and cut it off 2 weeks early, you'll still gain roughly 20lbs from a 4 week cycle. If you're an experienced bodybuilder who's taken steroids or anadrol before, your gains will be much less than this. This is because your body's already adapted to anadrol and thus you won't have rapid gains like before.

2) Anadrol Cycle Length

It's never a good idea to consume anadrol for longer than 8 weeks without having a break. Make that 6 weeks if you're a newbie. Taking some time off after cycles is needed for your body to restore its natural hormone balance, including the regulation of hormones like testosterone and HGH.

It also gives your liver a chance to recover as it will become strained from a steroid-cycle, especially anadrol. However, liver values should regulate back to normal after several months of being natty. Milk thistle can be taken during a cycle to reduce this strain. Also staying off alcohol or only consuming small amounts will help your liver when taking A-drol. During your breaks inbetween using anadrol, it's wise to carry on working out and living a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your health and cement your gains.


Anadrol is a truly powerful steroid which has the ability to build muscle like no other compound. However, it's important you take the right dose if you're after maximum gains. If you're a beginner start on 50mg a day, but if you're pretty experienced and have taken steroids before you can opt for a higher dose in 100mg.

Similarly when cycling anadrol, don't go past 4 weeks if you're a complete newbie. As you gain more experience you can cycle it for longer periods of time such as 6 or 8 weeks.

If it's your goal to gain lots of size, stack anadrol with other bulking compounds such as – trenblone, dianabol or testosterone.

Warning: Only experienced guys should run anadrol and trenbolone together at the same time as these are 2 very strong/harsh steroids. In comparison, testosterone and dianabol will give you big gains without giving you too many nasty side effects.

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