5 Best Steroids for Bulking

Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor
This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice.

As of writing this article it's late November with Christmas soon approaching…

Christmas is an exciting time of year for a bodybuilder…not just because you get spoiled with presents (mainly in the form of supplements and gym wear), but because it's BULKING SEASON.

You know, that time of year when you stuff your face with junk food (without a care in the world), because it's your MISSION to overeat so you can pack on more size.

However, there's only so much you can grow naturally with food alone…this is why many bodybuilders take steroids, so they can get JACKED.

Using steroids in the off-season to pack on mass can be the difference between boys and men in bodybuilding.

Which are the best steroids for bulking?

  • Dianabol (D-Bol)

Muscle Gains: 5/5

Strength Gains: 5/5


Dianabol is without doubt the most sought-after bulking steroid on the planet. Mainly because it's the most powerful compound on the planet for building exceptional amounts of muscle in a short space of time.

Anadrol is probably the only bulking steroid which comes close to d-bol in terms of strength and size gains.

D-Bol will cause some water retention, however this isn't anything to worry about as you'll still look aesthetic whilst cycling dianabol, presuming you're fairly lean and not 35% body fat.

…In before fatty's blaming ‘dianabol bloat'. No, that's from eating too many Twinkies you permabulking motherf***a!

  • Anadrol

Muscle Gains: 5/5

Strength Gains: 5/5


Some people say they respond better taking dianabol and others will say they pack on more muscle when cycling anadrol.

It all depends on the individual; however on average muscle gains are very similar when comparing these 2 steroids. The main difference is that anadrol can cause more side effects in comparison to dianabol.

The symptoms from anadrol are actually pretty similar to dianabol's, however they're more harsh for many users. As a result, more water can be retained inside and outside the muscle cells. This extra bloated/puffy appearance sways many to choosing d-bol over anadrol.

Nonetheless, many do get on well with anadrol and regard it as the greatest bulking compound on the planet.

  • Testosterone

Muscle Gains: 4.5/5

Strength Gains: 4.5/5


Testosterone is used as a base steroid in many cycles. When planning a cycle, many bodybuilders will start with testosterone, then stack other steroids with test to enhance their gains.

Here's a few testosterone combinations that work well:




Testosterone works similar to dianabol, but generally results in less side effects. That's why a test-only cycle is very popular amongst beginners (who are more susceptible to adverse effects).

Overall, test is a great steroid for bulking that will almost certainly make your muscles blow up.

  • Deca Durabolin

Muscle Gains: 4.5/5

Strength Gains: 5/5


Deca durabolin is another fantastic compound which many bodybuilders utilize in the offseason to help them get huge.

With deca, your muscles will be fuller and thicker than ever before. Having big muscles is cool, but incredibly thick and full muscles can almost make you look photoshopped. Just look at Chul Soon (below)…

chul soon

This is the ‘thick' look I'm talking about…

Deca will result in a small amount of water retention, but you'll hold less fluid compared to dianabol and anadrol. Thus most of the weight you'll gain on deca will be permanent muscle weight that will remain post-cycle.

  • Trenbolone

Muscle Gains: 4.5/5

Strength Gains: 4/5


Trenbolone is hailed by many as the greatest steroid ever created. This is because it yields huge muscle gains; without any water retention whatsoever.

Thus if you gain 25lbs on tren, you can bet all of this weight is pure muscle mass.

Actually, in this example it's possible to gain even more than 25lbs of muscle, as tren also has fat burning properties.

It's ability to build muscle AND burn fat, makes it one of the best steroids you can take to transform your body in a single cycle. Tren is great for anyone who wants to gain size when bulking and perfect for those who want to minimize fat gain during this phase.


Each of the 5 bulking steroids mentioned in this article will result in similar muscle gains; hence the close scores.

Some may result in a lot more weight gain, but in terms of LEAN muscle tissue; they're all pretty similar.

I.e. your gains on trenbolone will be similar to those on testosterone.

However, what will fluctuate a lot is the weight you'll gain. On anadrol and dianabol you'll gain a decent amount of water; but your gains on trenbolone will be almost 100% muscle tissue. Some mistake this extra weight gain as more muscle, which is incorrect.

For maximum bulking gains, I recommend taking a few of these steroids at the same time. Crazy Bulk currently sell a bulking stack which includes: dianabol, testosterone, deca and tren at a reasonable price. I think they left the anadrol out of this stack because not everyone tolerates it very well.

bulking stack


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