Best Steroids for Strength

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following advice shouldn't replace a doctor's visit

It's pretty cool being jacked…but it's also pretty pointless unless you have the strength to match those 18 inch arms.

We've all seen the those lads who look like Zyzz but are weak as sh*t. The ultimate alpha is SWOLE and as strong as an ox.

…Pretty much Bradley Martyn.

There's no better feeling than slapping several plates on a barbell, with people in your gym looking over (in the corner of their eyes) to see if you're capable of lifting such a godly weight…

Then for you to lift it like a boss.

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Being STRONG is what separates men from the pretty boys in the gym.

In this article I'm going to list the best steroids for strength; helping you smash your current PRs to pieces in the next few weeks…Enjoy!



When it comes to building muscle and increasing strength; dianabol wins first place. Dianabol is simply the most powerful bulking steroid a bodybuilder can take today.

D-Bol will skyrocket your testosterone levels and protein synthesis more than any other steroid; resulting in rapid increases in strength. Dianabol also causes more intracellular water retention than other steroids, which contributes to the exceptional strength gains on d-bol.

Many users can experience 20% bigger lifts after just a week on dianabol.

So, if you were previously benching 100kg for your 1-rep max. After taking d-bol for roughly 7 days, you're likely to be benching around 120kg.

In terms of sheer strength, dianabol is as serious as they come.



Testosterone is a similar steroid to dianabol…and in terms of strength gains it's not far behind.

On test, you'll develop strength even Hercules would be proud of.  The reason why testosterone isn't quite as powerful as dianabol is because users don't tend to retain as much water on test. As a result, your overall weight is will be slightly less. And the less you weigh, the less you'll be able to lift.

However, testosterone is certainly one of the greatest steroids you can take if you want to lift some heavy-ass weight.



Trenbolone is pretty much the king of all steroids…because it can do everything.

It builds muscle, burns fat and increases strength. And it does all 3 of these amazingly well.

It's actually quite surprising how powerful tren is for increasing strength because it doesn't aromatize, meaning you won't retain any water.

In fact, tren can even ‘dry' you out, meaning you'll lose water weight on it. Usually the steroids that increase water retention are the ones which give you insane strength, but not in tren's case…you'll simplygo full-god mode.

One guy on reddit claimed he almost added 100lbs to his lifts FAST on trenbolone (1). This is exceptional, but not unheard of when taking tren.

The advantage to tren's strength gains is they're likely to stay with you post-cycle, as you won't lose a load of water weight afterwards.



Anavar is also one of the best steroids on the planet for increasing strength, despite being the only cutting steroid on this list.

(Tren can also be used for cutting, but is mainly a bulking steroid).

The main reason anavar is one of the best steroids for increasing strength is because it increase the body's production and absorption of creatine. As a result the muscles become fuller and muscular strength increases dramatically.

Anavar's ability to cause water retention INSIDE the muscle cell and flush out water OUTSIDE of the muscle cell is what makes it not only a powerful steroid when it comes to strength, but an aesthetic one too. This effect will increase muscle definition, increasing the hardness of your muscles (whilst remaining full and pumped).

Best Steroid Stack for Strength

Dianabol, testosterone, trenbolone and anavar are undoubtedly the 4 best steroids for strength; and the good news is you can buy them in a stack from CrazyBulk online.

The only other steroid which is awesome for increasing strength, but hasn't been mentioned in this article, is anadrol.

A-drol is a powerful compound which'll also help you smash through any strength plateau and is worth experimenting with at some point.

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