Best Steroids to Take

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following advice shouldn't replace a doctor's visit

There are countless of different anabolics that bodybuilders can take to get JACKED, but which are the best steroids to take?

Firstly, there aren't any steroids which are simply better than other ones.

A steroid cycle that'll give one person their dream body, might not be desired by someone else with different goals.

For example, a person who wants to look shredded an aesthetic all year round might not be happy with a cycle of anadrol, due to additional water retention. But a person looking to gain a tonne of mass might love what anadrol has to offer.

So in this article I'm going to list the best steroids to take – depending on your own personal goals…

Best Steroids to Take (For Bulking)

If you want to gain tremendous amounts of strength and size, you'll want to take the best bulking steroids. Stacking these together can result in huge muscle gains that can stick long after your cycle has ended.

Steroids and their effectiveness:

  • Dianabol    5 stars
  • Anadrol    5 stars
  • Trenbolone   4.5 stars
  • Testosterone   4.5 stars
  • Deca durabolin   4 stars


Dianabol is the most popular steroid because it's incredibly powerful and it doesn't come with the worst side effects in the world. Dianabol also creates a slightly smooth appearance to your muscles, making it seem less obvious that you're taking steroids.

This is the type of look that Arnold had, he was big and ripped…but not insanely shredded/dry – making his body look more natural than the pros seen today.


When a person takes trenbolone, it's usually quite obvious they're juicing because it's such a powerful androgenic compound. Tren-users who are lean will typically have boulder shoulders, cobra traps and striations everywhere. They will also look extremely full and dry at the same time; making you pretty much look superhuman.

Trenbolone can result in huge increases of lean muscle mass, that doesn't come with any water retention, helping keep you tight and aesthetic.


Testosterone is a staple steroid used in almost every steroid cycle, because it synergistically works well with virtually every compounds.

…and not just bulking steroids.

Testosterone will result in BIG muscle and strength gains when you're shoveling down food in the off-season, but it's often used by those cutting too. Testosterone is so anabolic that people like using it as a safe-guard when on low calories to stop any potential muscle loss.

Deca Durabolin

Deca durabolin isn't the most popular bulking steroid, but some people who (likely) use it have some of the best physiques I've ever seen. Guys like Chul Soon and Bradley Martyn.

You won't be able to get as thick or full muscles by taking any other steroid. In this department Deca rules and no other steroid comes close. Arnold was also thought to be running deca alongside dianabol – making him dwarf other Mr Olympia competitors on stage with his huge size.

Best Steroids to Take (For Cutting)

Cutting steroids are used by many to help them lose significant amounts of fat. The leaner you are as a bodybuilder, the better you'll look. These cutting agents will cause muscle definition to increase, your six pack abs to become more visible and your waist size to reduce – making your muscles appear bigger.

I've added clenbuterol to this list, despite it not officially being a ‘steroid', as it's one of the best compounds for burning fat.

Cutting steroids and their effectiveness for burning fat.

  • Clenbuterol    5 stars
  • Anavar    4.5 stars
  • Winstrol    4.5 stars


Clenbuterol is the greatest cutting agent you can take for losing weight. If you've got a slow metabolism and find it difficult to shift the weight – clenbuterol will help because it stimulates thermogenesis, massively kickstarting your metabolism (making you feel like a teenager again).

It's very difficult NOT to lose weight on clen, because you'd have to do some serious eating to enter a calorie surplus. Whereas before it might've been very easy to overeat because your body wasn't burning very many calories.

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Anavar or oxandrolone is anther powerful fat burner, and specifically targets stubborn fat areas due to its cortisol-lowering effects.

Anavar will also keep your muscles looking big on a cut due to it increasing your strength levels (resulting in some muscle gains) and increasing glycogen storage inside the muscles. Anavar is also not a toxic steroid, so side effects are minimal for both genders.

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Out of these three cutting compounds, winstrol is the best steroid to take in terms of building new muscle. It's probably as good as anavar at burning fat too, although winstrol is generally more harsh on the system due to it spiking testosterone levels – causing fluctuations in your LDL cholesterol readings.

Winstrol can also result in a noticeable loss of water weight too, reducing bloat and puffiness on a cycle.

Best Steroid Stack to Take?

If you're bulking you could combine 4 of the best steroids together in a stack, including the following compounds:

  • Dianabol
  • Deca durabolin
  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone

And if you're cutting and trying to lose weight, you could include these 4 cutting compounds to help you melt fat and retain muscle:

  • Anavar
  • Clenbuterol
  • Testosterone
  • Winstrol


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