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Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor
This article is for educational purposes only, we do not encourage the use of illegal steroids and the following isn't to be taken as medical advice. 

Dianabol is without doubt the most popular anabolic steroid used among bodybuilders and gym rats today.

This is because for most people, dianabol gives you more gains than side effects.

By this I mean you'll gain a tonne of muscle and get jacked from taking dianabol…and at the same time dbol's side effects are more manageable (when taken in oral form).

Whereas other steroids may not help you build as much muscle AND are more toxic and harsh on your organs (leaving you feeling like a victim post-cycle).

buy dianabol online

Can You Buy Dianabol Online?

Well, you can't buy dianabol online as that would be illegal.

Purchasing anabolic steroids is illegal, unless you live in Mexico or Thailand

However, CrazyBulk have manufactured a ‘legal steroid' called D-bal, which is meant to give you the gains of dianabol, but without the side effects.

D-bal is rated as the best selling legal steroid on CrazyBulk's official website and has received some very positive reviews by customers. Several people, who've experienced awesome gains from this D-Bal and other compounds, have even posted their before/after pictures on the site.

Legal steroids are generally cheaper than anabolic (illegal) steroids and are easier to obtain.

…You can literally place an order on your iphone in the next few minutes and your own stack will be delivered to your door in just a few days (discreetly packaged).

Be Careful Where You Buy Dianabol Online

We have listed Crazy Bulk as a trusted, supplier of a legal, dianabol alternative. However, there are many other websites who claim to sell dianabol online who you should be wary of.

If they say what your buying is real/illegal dianabol, don't buy it because doing so would be against the law. CrazyBulk's D-bal is a modified version of dianabol; hence how it's not an illegal substance.

A website that says they're selling ‘real dbol' means you could either get into trouble, or it could be a scam, where they won't send you the merchandise you ordered.

Only trust retailers who clearly state that their products are ‘LEGAL' and not real anabolic steroids. Having a contact us page with a legit telephone number and mailing address are other sure signs that it's a legit company.

crazy bulk

What to stack Dianabol with for BIGGER gains?

I can assume your goal is to build muscle and put on mass, if you're looking to buy dianabol online.

If you were to take dianabol by itself – sure you'd have great gains.

…But if you were to stack it with other powerful bulking steroids; you'll pack on more muscle even faster than just taking dbol alone.

Here's some other bulking compounds you can stack dianabol to give you more strength and muscle from your cycle:

  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone
  • Anadrol
  • Deca Durabolin

Testosterone is similar to dianabol, however it will cause less water retention, resulting in a hard appearance to your muscles. It also has some fat-burning benefits, helping you stay lean when bulking.

Trenbolone an help you build a lot of muscle like dianabol, but it all the weight you gain from tren will be pure muscle. This is what you call dry gains – weight gain without water.

In terms of pure muscle gains, anadrol is the best bulking steroid there is – with dianabol. You don't get any more powerful than anadrol when it comes to strength and muscle.

Deca durabolin is another great compound to put in your bulking stack. Expect big muscle gains, ridiculously full muscles/huge pumps.. and not a lot of water retention.

Crazybulk sell the legal versions of all these bulking steroids, which you can check out by clicking the button below – which will take you to their official online store.







Llewellyn, William (2011), Anabolics. Jupiter, FL: Molecular Nutrition. pp. 478-488.

Dr Thomas O'Connor MD, LLC

Dr Thomas O'Connor MD, LLC

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US President Donald Trump has also acknowledged Tom's great work in the industry, improving the health of thousands of men worldwide; and thanked him for "Making America Strong Again".
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