Did Zac Efron Take Steroids for Baywatch?

Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor

Pretty boy Zac Efron has stirred up a lot of interest over the last couple of months in the build up to his new film Baywatch.

Why could this be?

…Oh yea, because he's gone from being in fairly good shape to being ripped as a mother!

He looks like he's dropped his body fat from about 9% down to 4%. And he looks like he's added some quality muscle mass at the same time. And us natural lifters know how extremely difficult it is to build muscle and burn significant amounts of fat at the same time – unless you're a newbie or on steroids.

And it's quite clear that Zac isn't a foreigner to the weights room, bulking up considerably from his early high school musical days.

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It's like the Tom Hardy effect all over again. The average man gives zero cares towards Zac, then all of a sudden he gets jacked and you've got every gym bro copying his workouts and googling his diet plans.

However, doing the exact workouts and following the same dieting strategy won't necessarily guarantee you the same results if you're not taking steroids…

So, was Zac on the juice?

First of all, I'd like to point out that Zac's impressive physique IS attainable for a natty.

After all, he's ripped to shreds but he doesn't have a tonne of muscle mass. So with hard work and smart dieting this transformation is perfectly possible for someone without drugs, with years of hard work.

Here's the evidence that Zac Efron was on Steroids:

efron tweet

A transformation like this simply doesn't happen in a matter of months if you're natty.

Unless you have incredible genetics, which Zac doesn't appear to have. Instead he has a naturally small, skinny ectomorph frame.

the rock

  • It's known that Zac trained with the Rock for Baywatch

The Rock's steroid use is well-known and with Dwayne Johnson personally training Zac for Baywatch it means Zac could be ‘guilty by association'.

Although this isn't ‘evidence' that Zac is on the juice, it is still a link that could increase the likelihood of him using steroids.

  • Testosterone jaw/more masculine face

Steroids will give your face a more blocky/wider look. Your chin will become more broad while your jaw will also get noticeably bigger and defined.

Steroids simply make your face look more manly and attractive to women.

If you browse through a few pictures of Zac you'll see that his face has become a lot more blocky-looking.

  • Aged face

zac efron aged

Zac's face has aged dramatically between his films Bad Neighbours in 2014 to the pictures of him training for Baywatch in 2016.

Steroids have been linked with causing premature ageing (1). The theory behind this is that several steroids can reduce collagen production, meaning your skin will become less elastic, thinner and more prone to wrinkling.

This could explain why Zac's skin has aged so much in a such short space of time.

In this picture of him doing a pull up he literally looks like a 40 year old man.

This skin-thinning effect will also increase a person's vascularity, as there is less skin covering your veins. In other words they will be positioned closer to the surface of your skin.

This combined with increased blood cell production can explain why steroid-users become so vascular compared to natural lifters. Coincidentally Zac looks very vascular in Baywatch, with bulging veins flowing through his biceps.

  • Deeper voice

Listen to the interview below of Zac onset in Bad Neighbours 2014:

Now listen to his interview in 2016 onset in Baywatch. His voice in the video below has become noticeably deeper. Why is this? A deeper voice is a symptom of higher testosterone levels.

And steroids = higher test.

  • Increased body hair

Zac Efron has always been known for having baby smooth skin, with no hair follicles in sight…even on his legs!

However, during Baywatch filming Zac is sporting a furry looking chest that even Wolverine would be proud of.

This is the sort of hair growth where you shaved it the day before, but your test levels are through the roof, so it's grown back by the next morning.

  • Thinning/receding hair

zach before after

Since his last film, Zac's hair also looks noticeably thinner and more receded towards the sides.

This is usually due to an increase in the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the greatest hormone for building muscle mass, being 5-10 times more anabolic than testosterone. Boom!

However this hormone also kills hair follicles (how evil), accelerating hair loss. Do you ever get a really sore scalp, like all the time?

This is the sadistic work of DHT and the soreness you're feeling is inflammation from the damaged hair follicles.

Some guys use DHT-blocking shampoos such as Rogaine and Propecia, but the problem with these products is that they lower DHT levels in the bloodstream. The result? These guys struggle to build muscle because their most androgenic hormone is sapped.

The answer: Get a scalp massager.

Using a scalp massager daily will increase blood flow to damaged hair follicles, reduce inflammation and stimulate new hair growth. This can reverse the process of male pattern baldness.

And it feels bloody amazing!


Based on the evidence it seems like Zac Efron could be taking steroids.

Naughty Zac!

Potential Steroid Stack:


Zac hasn't gained a huge amount of size, but he has got shredded and is super dry.

Winstrol's three main benefits are:

  • Burns fat
  • Builds muscle (small amount)
  • Sheds water

Zac has experienced all three of these, especially winstrol's diuretic effect – as he's extremely dry.

Winny is also a DHT-derived steroid, explaining Zac's steroid jaw and thinner hair.

So, if guys like Zac are on the sauce…who on earth is it going to be next?

Please don't let it be Bieber.

justin bieber bodybuilder


(1) http://forums.steroid.com/anabolic-steroids-questions-answers/86648-do-steroids-make-you-look-older.html

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Erny Peibst

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    22 Comments on Did Zac Efron Take Steroids for Baywatch?

    1. you should do Anton Antipode next! Great blog BTW! ill be sure to be checking it weekly from now on!

    2. I am not a fan of Efron but some of these arguments are a bit weak. His hair doesnt appear to have decreased, they are just shorter and pulled back. Plus that first picture is like 8 yrs ago… He always had a square face but now its just a lot leaner thus making the angles more pronounced.
      Maybe he did juice, but as you say it doesnt look like he added a lot of muscle mass from the Neighbors movie. Also keep in mind, that all the pics we have seen from the Baywatch set are Efron working out, meaning his muscles are definitely pumped and pronounced along with his vascularity.
      Like I said we do not know really, but the evidence provided in this article are really not very convincing.

      • The blockiness in his face is noticeable in the top comparison picture. This isn’t a leaner face with a more pronounced jaw – the structure of it has actually changed (more square). He definitely has receded a little but the biggest giveaway is that he’s built muscle and lost a tonne of fat in a matter of ‘months’. For a natty that isn’t a newbie – this is a strong sign of steroid-use. And that’s not even taking into account that his face has aged a good 5-10 years.

    3. On his Instagram he posted the picture with: Months and months of training for this moment… Bring it on @therock let’s do this ALL DAY baby!

      Months and months; that could be a long time, and man, hes been getting stronger and stronger every year.
      Personally I dont think hes on any roids.

    4. Maybe, maybe not. But with enough dedication and sacrifice, anyone could get to that level of muscularity and body fat. People whining about no way he could look like that without steroids are simply using that as an excuse to justify their own flabby body.

      • Although I believe he’s clearly on steroids, I do agree with you that his physique is attainable for any natty with years of hard work and dedication

    5. if u rlly think he is on steroids first of all screw u for even trying second just because u can never even get close to being in that great shape doesn’t mean u have to say that. and third of all zac efron is the best person emotionally and definitely physically so u have no right to even go there ok. And plz next time u post at least try to make it a little believable.

      • @noa – I have got in as good shape as Zac Efron before (naturally) so there’s no agenda here. I’ve also analysed guys on here with natty verdicts who are a lot more jacked than Zac. However, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    6. I think it is possible with great supplementation and diet and with good trainer(he has got lot of money), and it is pretty obvious about his voice deepened bcoz of his age……….

    7. I think people are forgetting that Zac had the best possible diet to maximize muscle growth and one of the greatest personal trainers for hollywood movies. I personally do not think he juiced

    8. 1. He is obviously on. You dont get blocky shoulders like this without aas.

      2. This size and even bodyfat levels could be achieved naturally in general and for time needed to do topless parts of movie. But you cant achieve that hardness, skin thiness and not look deflated (muscles no popping) at the same time.

      3. This is not winny look. This is tren look. Anybody who has experience will be willing bet on that. No other drug can do this 3d kind of look.

      4. Why do you write articles about who is on and who is off when you have close to zero practical experience with these drugs?

      • @Adam – You don’t need to take steroids to know what they do. The reason why Zac looks to have taken Winstrol instead of Trenbolone is because he hasn’t gained much muscle mass. Winny is a cutting steroid and it’s normal not to gain a tonne of size. If he’d taken tren he would’ve blown up big time, gaining 40/50lbs of muscle, as it’s predominantly a bulking steroid.

        Also when you take tren your traps experience a lot of growth due to these muscles having a higher number of androgen receptors. However, Zac’s traps pretty much stayed the same size.

      • You didn’t give not one strong argument as to why it is tren instead of winstrol, you just said “no other drug can do this 3d kinda work” which anybody can say. On the other hand Erny is truly prepared and knows what he is talking about. Erny seems like an intelligent and rational guy not only by the way he analyzes and writes his srticles, but also by the way he responds to other people, with total respect and great wisdom, providing nothing less than clear observations and scientifical facts. As a doctor I agree I have to agree with Erny. It is indeed a great job!

    9. Definitely on juice
      Been training on steroids and off steroids for 17 years, trained with natty partners and partners that’s on roids. From my personal experience seeing what a person can do on and off juice, he has surely taken some form of cutting drug.
      Fans should just accept it, nobody’s hating….

    10. I believe you’re mistaken about Rogaine blocking DHT. Rogaine is a vaso-dialator meant for opening the blood vessels on your scalp. This allows more blood (nutrients) to get to your hair follicles.

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