Did Henry Cavill Take Steroids for Superman?

Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor

As you've just landed on this article, you've almost certainly seen the Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman…two films where Henry Cavill is JACKED.

Henry bulked up to a hefty weight of 100kg (1), whilst remaining lean at around 8/9% body fat.

Naturally, this has led to people on social media questioning whether he used anabolic steroids to bulk up for the role.

superman steroids meme

So, did Henry Cavill take steroids for the role of Clark Kent…or does he simply have genetics from another planet? 😉

Henry's personal trainer for these two movies is a man named Mark Twight, the guy famous for designing the 300 workout.

After Man of Steel appeared on screen Henry said this about Mark,

“He asked me a lot of questions about my goals. Then he asked, ‘would you like to do steroids or HGH to get you where you want to go?'. I immediately said no.' And he said, ‘Good, because if you did, I wouldn't train you.”


However, many people have lied about their steroid-use before *cough lance armstrong*, so lets take a look at the real evidence.

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Henry's transformation IS Possible…

Mark was training Henry for 11 months. However he would begin filming in just 5 months.

In this 5 month time frame Henry gained 20lbs of weight (2) and maintained his gains for the next 6 months. He transformed from looking like an athlete, to a natural bodybuilder.

2 years previous to the Man of Steel, Henry played Theseus in Immortals.

Here's his transformation from Immortals to Man of Steel:

henry cavill before after

In this time frame, he looks to have gained approximately:

  • 15lbs (7kg) of lean muscle.
  • And 5lbs of fat, going from around 7% body fat up to 9%.

15lbs of muscle doesn't sound like a lot, but gaining this amount lean muscle tissue makes a BIG difference to how your muscles look.

Henry also accomplished the following lifts, according to his trainer Mark Twight:

Deadlift435 lbs (197kg)
Push press: 245 lbs (111kg). For bodybuilders thinking ‘wtf is a push press', it's basically a barbell overhead press.
Back Squat: 365 lbs (166kg)

Strong lifts indeed for a guy weighing 100kg.

…He's got some improving to do though if he's going to beat his PB of 70 quintillion tons.

superman comic

First of all I'd like to point out that this transformation IS possible for a natty.

You can see that he's gained a decent amount of muscle; but there's nothing drastic about gaining 15lbs of muscle in 5 months IF you work your ass off.

This is gaining 3lbs of muscle per month, which is definitely possible without the help of anabolic steroids.

If you go from doing low volume, circuit training to 2.5 hours a day of heavy, intense compound lifts that you've never done before, you're bound to pack on muscle.

By low-volume circuits I'm referring to the training he did for Immortals.

Cavill's Immortals Workout (3):

henry cavill natural

immortals workout
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Low volume circuit training = a recipe for a lean/athletic figure.

But this workout doesn't have anywhere near enough volume to pack on any serious muscle mass and look like a bodybuilder.

Cavill's Workout Split for Man of Steel (4):


  • 1st workout: total body
  • 2nd workout: chest/shoulders


  • Upper body/back
  • Legs


  • Back & biceps
  • Legs & back


  • Upper body
  • Legs


  • Upper body/HIIT
  • Total body


  • Cardio/legs
  • Upper body


Workout Exercises/Sets/Reps:

Monday: Total Body

total body workout
click to enlarge


Monday: Chest/shoulders

chest shoulder workout
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Tuesday: Upper body/back

upper body back workout
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Tuesday: Legs

legs workout
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Wednesday: Back and biceps

back and biceps workout
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Wednesday: Legs and back

legs and back workout
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Thursday: Upper body

upper body workout
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Thursday: Legs

legs workout
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Friday: Upper body/HIIT

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Friday: Total body

total body workout
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Saturday: Cardio/legs

cardio legs
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Saturday: Upper body

upper body
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This is high frequency/volume training. High volume training is excellent for gaining muscle mass.

…Just ask Olympic gymnasts who train for up to 6 hours a day.

So how did Henry get away with training for 2.5 hours every day without overtraining?

He ate like a king and slept like a baby.

Calorie Consumption

Henry shoveled down 5,000-6,000 calories a day when bulking up. Eating low calories whilst doing such high volume in the gym would've been a recipe for disaster…and no doubt would've led to overtraining.

Eating this amount of calories would've put him in a calorie surplus, promoting muscle growth. Also it would've prevented his central nervous system from frying out, due to excessive stimulation that comes with lifting weights.

Overeating is proven to have a sedative effect on the brain (5), with excess food increasing levels of the sleep hormone – melatonin. This makes it increasingly difficult to overtrain, due to less stimulation on the CNS.

Sleeping Arrangements

Henry was ordered by Mark to get 10 hours of sleep every night (6). Doing so allowed him to maximize his natural testosterone/human growth hormone levels, which are secreted during your sleep. Cutting your sleep short will blunt such hormones and increase cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

So because he slept like a baby each and every night, this would've decreased the chances of him overtraining and increased his body's anabolic hormones, priming him for growth.

Verdict: Natty

henry cavill steroids meme

Henry and his trainer Mark are claiming natty and I believe them.

People underestimate how powerful high volume training is for packing on mass.

Henry did 2.5 hours of heavy lifting 6x a week for 5 months straight.

…Throw into the mix a whopping intake of 6,000 calories every day and you're bound to blow up.

Plus he has NO steroid side effects such as:

  • Gyno,
  • Bloating,
  • Flushed skin
  • Acne
  • Out of proportion delts/traps etc.

Henry's transformation is a great example to nattys, on the type of mass you can build, when you work your butt off for hours in the gym every day and eat BIG.

Want to get bigger?

  • Increase your training volume (haven't got time? Make time!)
  • Eat more food damn it!

If you think Henry was on steroids…

Lift weights for 2 and a half hours every day for 5 months, whilst eating 6,000 calories and see what happens.


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    4 Comments on Did Henry Cavill Take Steroids for Superman?

    1. He’s doing great, I’ve been trying to find his workout routine, finally I found it. He’s my idol and the reason why I lift weights.

    2. The problem is, if he’s 225 pounds and 6’1 at 9% body fat, then his FFMI is over 27. That’s not possible for a natty at 10% BF or less.

      Also, gaining 15 pounds of muscle in the time frame he did IS nearly impossible for a man who is ALREADY muscular. A new lifter gains 20ish pounds of muscle their first year, but it’s down to 10 or 12 pounds, their second year. And it only gets less every year.

      • @Dustin – FFMI is flawed. It’s like using a BMI to work out someone’s body fat percentage.

        Gaining 15lbs is very normal for a newbie who hasn’t followed a bodybuilding training split before. If anything 15lbs is on the low side, usually a natty will gain 20lbs. Henry’s got very good genetics in the sense that he was muscular before he even started lifting.

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