Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids, or Is He Natural?

Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor

Disclaimer: Although this verdict is based on evidence, it's not guaranteed to be correct. I don't condone steroid-use, but I also don't judge those who do take them as it's their own personal choice. 

…That moment when you stand next to Phil Heath and don't look small.

Bradley Martyn is the epitome of the male species. Tall, huge muscles and ruggedly handsome (no homo). He also has freakish levels of strength, comfortably bench pressing 405lbs with a CLOSE-GRIP.

RIP triceps.

If you've seen any of his videos on YouTube, Bradley comes across as a very honest and inspiring character. He didn't start posting videos on YouTube until the latter part of 2014, making his rise to fame very sudden. Just 2 years on and he's got over 2 million fans just on his Facebook account.

Bradley Martyn's stats:

Height: 6 ft 3

Weight: 260lbs (118kg)

Body fat: 7/8%

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Many assume Bradley is taking steroids because he's an absolute beast, but a few people still believe he could actually be natty/a genetic freak.

Lets see if steroids have accelerated Bradley's rise to fame…

Gains Timeline

Bradley Martyn was born on the 22nd of may 1989. And he says he started lifting weights when he was 15/16 years old (1), so more or less around 2005.

In 2011 he competed in a NPC bodybuilding show, meaning he would've been 22 years old and an experienced lifter; with 5-6 years of training under his belt.

We know that guys who ARE natural, get huge from a young age. This is because when they first start lifting weights their bodies respond abnormally, experiencing huge amounts of growth quickly, due to their superior DNA. Mike O'Hearn was a good example of this, looking like an absolute monster at 14 years old. However, after this newbie growth period Mike hasn't grown much at all.

It's obvious that Bradley Martyn has decent genetics, building a good physique in 2011. However, since then he's blown up in size, getting HUGE.

Bradley Martyn's Transformation:


A guy that's been lifting for 5/6 years to suddenly blow up like this is extremely unnatural. Thus Bradley Martyn is almost certainly juicing.

Experienced natty bodybuilder = plateaued bodybuilder.


INSANE Muscle Thickness


Bradley Martyn's body generally has a natural look to it, which is why some people might think he's natty.

The only visual symptom that really stands out to me, making steroid-use obvious is his extreme muscle thickness. Chul Soon also has this extra dimension of thickness and it's caused by certain steroids, mainly deca durabolin.

Deca creates exceptionally round and full muscle bellies.

In several pictures, Bradley Martyn's arms/shoulders/traps look mega thick and juicy.

Flushed Skin

I've seen in some pictures Bradley looks noticeably flushed. flushed/red skin is something that many steroid-users experience, due to AAS elevating your body temperature.

In some pictures his skin isn't just a little pink, but bright red all over his upper body. See here for an example.

Competition History

Bradley Martyn has previously competed with the NPC federation. So what is the NPC's drug testing policies?

A few guys I've analysed before have competed in the NPC; such as Steve Cook, Jeremy Buendia and Kali Muscle.

In short, the NPC is a bit of a joke.

They claim to hold “natural bodybuilding shows”, yet have no drug testing info on their website. From listening to people who have actually competed in their shows, they say that some competitors DO get drug tested, but they are simple tests to pass even if you're juicing.

…That's as long as you stop running your steroid stack before the competition (should you be tested).

And even if you did miraculously fail one of their tests, the NPC certainly doesn't have any ‘hall of shame' pages on their website (unlike strict federations), keeping your credibility intact.


Based on the evidence it seems like Bradley Martyn could well be taking steroids.

Bradley Martyn doesn't currently deny taking steroids on social media, which makes sense because there are several signs of steroid-use present here.

Simply taking steroids won't make you automatically look like Bradley Martyn though, as he did have a solid base before he started riding bicycles (as seen in his NPC competition days).

Potential Steroids Taken:


Deca is likely to be the cause of  Bradley's super thick-looking muscles. Deca also gives you amazing strength gains, explaining his hulk-like strength and impressive lifts. Deca was also rumoured to be used by old greats such as Arnold, Mike Mentzer and Sergio Oliva.

Dianabol is probably the most famous bulking steroid and can make you appear smooth, due to some water retention. This extra water weight can make you appear smooth and look somewhat natural.

It's the super dry/shredded look which often makes it easy to sport steroid-users.

Deca and Dianabol are also 2 steroids Arnold was thought to be using during his Mr Olympia reign. This makes sense as Bradley Martyn's muscles have a very similar look to what Arnold's did back in the 70's.

Deca and Dianabol together = huge strength and size gains.




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    1. For all the weight he squats with his legs why aren’t his leg size on par with his upper body. He has some pretty poor symmetry. I have noticed no one seems to have addressed this issue. If he is using steroids why aren’t his upper legs bigger, they look small compared to his arms? His arms almost look as big as his legs.

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