Is Chul Soon Natural or Taking Steroids?

chul soon steroids
Written by Erny Peibst

Medically approved by Dr Thomas O'Connor

Disclaimer: Although this verdict is based on evidence, it’s not guaranteed to be correct. I don’t condone steroid-use, but I also don’t judge those who do take them as it’s their own personal choice. 

Hwang Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder who is the 2016 Musclemania Universe ‘Natural' Pro Champion.

Hwang is also an actor and model, appearing in several TV adverts in his native country.

The Korean has an absolutely unique look, with muscle bellies so full, they seem to POP out of his body creating a 3D effect.

He actually looks like he's photoshopped.

Some people have commented on social media saying they don't believe his photos are real; and later become dumbfounded when they realise he looks exactly the same in videos.

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Steroids or not, this guy has one of the greatest physiques on the planet.

He's ripped to the bone, got a chest Arnie would approve of and literally has boulders for shoulders.

And he can do the robot dance!

Not quite as smooth as Terry Crews‘ robot, but still impressive stuff!

The Korean is a breath of fresh air, in an era where many bodybuilding fans agree that the sport is being destroyed by mass monsters, who are simply ‘too big'.

Chul Soon claims natty on his website, where it states:

“Chul Soon is among the most popular natural bodybuilders and sports models in the world”.

So now you're thinking…


When you first look at Chul Soon, he instantly looks to be on steroids because of his muscles having this photoshop effect.

Oh, and the fact he's HUGE.

However, my readers know that I don't speculate in any of my articles based on gut feelings or by having the view of:

“He looks huge so he must be on steroids”.

In order to make a verdict that I believe is accurate and valid, I base my decision on factual evidence  not opinions.

In order to write an unbiased report I always keep an open mind on somebody being natural.

If they have no steroid symptoms and I fail to find any trace of steroids whatsoever, then that person will achieve a natural verdict.

So, is Chul Soon natural or is he lying and taking steroids?

Musclemania Drug Testing

Looking at a federation that a bodybuilder competes in can be a good sign on whether they're natural or not. Especially if it's a strict federation that employs a rigorous testing process.

On the Musclemania website, they clearly state their drug testing criteria.

It says that the top 5 bodybuilders must perform a urinalysis test straight after competing on stage.

Basically weeing in a cup.

And those found to have any steroids in their system will be disqualified and banned from competing in the federation for a minimum of 2 years.

So in order to pass this test all you need to do is come off the steroids in good time, so they can clear out of your system in time for the test.

When you know a date of a test, it's easy to beat.

However, more strict federations (that run legit natural competitions), will perform several different tests which are conducted at random times throughout the year; making it almost impossible to pass if you are juicing.

So from this, we know that steroid-users CAN compete in the Musclemania ‘Natural' Bodybuilding competitions. However, this is NOT evidence proving that Chul Soon is taking steroids.

Gains Timeline

It's easy to detect a steroid-user when looking at their gains over a period of time.

There's guys who have lifted weights for several years and have clearly plateaued. Then they suddenly blow up and become massive. This is obvious juicing.

So lets take a look at Chul Soon's gains timeline…



He looks to be in great shape, the picture of him on stage indicates that he's an experienced lifter.



2010 and 2011 he looks much the same, despite it being 3 years later.


Then all of a sudden it hits 2014, and boom!


He looks to have gained at least 50lbs of lean mass.

This is not normal for a natural bodybuilder and these are typical gains for a guy on steroids.

3D Shoulders

big deltoids

The 3D effect that Chul Soon creates has much to do with his shoulders.

…Which he has canonballs for.

His proportions are similar to Phil Heath's, who also has huge delts that pop out.

It IS possible to build big shoulders without steroids, but 3D looking delts are a strong indication of steroid-use and extremely rare in a natural. This is because of the higher number of androgen receptors in the delts, making them respond incredibly well to steroids which are androgenic in nature.

…His shoulders actually look bigger than that girl's head.

Altered Face Structure

Chul Soon's face  structure has changed over the years.


HGH causes this. Human growth hormone increases the size of your skull as well as your nose. Within just a few years, Chul Soon's head and nose have got a lot bigger.

He actually looks like a different person in the second photo.

Some will say, “If he's on HGH where's his gut?”.

HGH doesn't cause a distended stomach or ‘steroid-gut' by itself. This is usually when HGH is combined with insulin, or if somebody's liver is taking a battering. In this case it can also swell up and make a person look bloated.


Based on the evidence it seems like Chul Soon could well be taking steroids.

  • Huge gains occurring AFTER many years of lifting
  • Humungus delts
  • Face structure has completely changed


Potential Steroid Stack:

HGH – He's almost certainly used HGH to pack on mass and get ripped, as his cranium is larger.

Testosterone – Test would've helped him pack on some serious muscle, without looking too smooth.

Equipoise – Eq is known for making the chest and delts extremely developed.

Deca – Deca gives your muscles an extra level of thickness. Chul possesses great thickness virtually all over his body.


Erny Peibst

Erny Peibst

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    13 Comments on Is Chul Soon Natural or Taking Steroids?

    1. I don’t question that he’s surely on all the good stuff, but my Question is then how do people keep passing drug tests for steroids every time?
      Do they take other drugs to clear steroids out, cycle them out a couple months in advance before the big date?
      Also, how do people avoid problems like acne, gyno, etc?

      • Of Course he is on Steroids beyond a doubt, You do not need to be a rocket scientist to realize this. Ones body will not develop to his level naturally impossible. So Only so much credit. I like the Most Ripped guys out there with some size. I rather be smaller an really ripped and natural any day. Hardcore use of roids will shortly his life span.

    2. Sorry, can’t edit my post but I figured out how they evade the tests by simply knowing the dates ahead of time.

      • @Danzo – You got it. However, if you compete in a true natty federation like the BNBF you’ll get tested at random times in the year so the idea of taking steroids then stopping in time for a certain date wouldn’t work. Plus you’d fail a polygraph.

        In terms of preventing acne and gyno, this is largely genetic. However, you can take anti-estrogens which will decrease the chances of you developing gyno.

        • My husband is a MM PRO and at our last show WITH Chul our friend found condoms with pee in them back stage… it’s pathetic to call yourself a “winner” and be proud of yourself when you are CHEATING… I don’t understand how you could feel proud of yourself.
          Reading over the post I can agree and not agree with the reasons for thinking someone is on steroids because my husband was very small in his younger years (always had good muscle tone though) when he started bodybuilding he blew up and he doesn’t even follow a diet or take supplements all crazy just basic protein and BCAA’s and everyone says he’s on steroids and a fake
          Natty but he’s just a freak of nature

    3. I don’t care if he use steroids for me he’s my superhero.. .who always makes me stronger and smarter ..

    4. Bro HGH supplement is not a steroid. It’s a synthetic growth hormone. So why put it right next to testonsterone booster and deca?

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