Did Michael B. Jordan Take Steroids for Black Panther?

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Written by Erny Peibst

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Black Panther's just hit the movie theatre's and Michael B. Jordan stars in the role of Erik Killmonger – Tchalla's archenemy.

…If you haven't already seen Black Panther, do – it's a good watch.

With many flocking to see this movie, one hot topic of conversation right now is Michael B. Jordan's physique. Lets just say…he's got SWOLE.

Michael B Jordan gained 24lbs of muscle for Creed (starring alongside Sly Stallone) and now he's gained another 15lbs to play Killmonger (1).

So a question many people are wondering is – has Michael B. Jordan taken steroids to look like Killmonger in Black Panther? Or is he another example of a black man with great muscle-building genetics?

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Gains Timeline

There's an obvious trend with guys who are natural. They'll gain roughly 20lbs of muscle when they first start lifting weights, then their gains will tail off and be very slow for the rest of their life.

Nattys won't gain any significant amount of muscle, after they've experienced their ‘newbie gains'.

Michael B. Jordan gained 24lbs of muscle for Creed. This is perfectly normal, for a natural guy, when he first starts hitting the gym 4-5 times a week with big compound movements.

Thus, I believe Michael B. Jordan was 100% natural for Creed. Looking at his body in this movie, he doesn't look BIG, just ripped – so him being natural would make sense.

michael b jordan creed
Michael in Creed

However, his muscle gains didn't come to a halt after Creed. When Michael was chosen for the role of Killmonger, he said he wanted to do the character justice, by becoming as jacked as Killmonger was in the comics.


In order to do this, I believe Michael B. Johnson would need to take steroids. This is because his genetics for building muscle aren't great (based on how he looked in Creed). He didn't look very big after following an intense weight training protocol. Don't get me wrong he looked good, but he was just lean.

So in order to pack on more mass, I believe he took a short steroid-cycle adding more size and mass. This would explain how he was able to add another 15lbs of muscle and experience another growth spurt.

Michael's ‘gains timeline' is typical of a steroid-user and not someone who's natural.

Body Composition

There aren't many obvious signs of steroid-use by looking at Michael B. Jordan's body.

He doesn't have gyno, acne or a classic steroid-gut.

However, he does look to have some bloating in his midsection and face in Black Panther.

If we compare Michael B. Jordan's face in Black Panther to what it looks like usually, you can see that he's retaining some water, giving a rounder shape to his face.

michael b jordan face

This is just a small amount of fluid retention and is a normal side effect when taking anabolic steroids.

We can also see that Michael B. Jordan's midsection in Black Panther is a little bit smooth-looking and bloated when he's relaxed.

michael b jordan

Some bloating in the midsection is common, particularly when taking bulking steroids.


Based on the evidence it looks like Michael B. Johnson could've taken steroids to get jacked for Black Panther. 

michael b johnson transformation

If Michael took steroids it would make sense how he gained this extra 15lbs of muscle, on top of the 24lbs of muscle he gained previously to this.

However, if he was 100% natural, he wouldn't have been able to gain 15lbs of muscle after experiencing his newbie gains, unless he did an aggressive bulk, or increased his training frequency dramatically (which he did neither of).

…By an aggressive bulk I mean increasing your body fat percentage by about 10%, then performing a cut which would take several months. Michael didn't do this.

Which Steroids Did Michael B. Jordan Take?


I believe Michael could've taken dianabol, testosterone or deca durabolin.

Usually after running several steroid cycles you'll gain around 50lbs of lean muscle. However, Michael only gained 15lbs, thus I believe he's only done 1 cycle, or he's used weaker steroids.

If he only did 1 cycle, he's likely to have used D-Bol or test.

If he ran several cycles, this is more likely to be deca durabolin, because deca won't help you build as much muscle as D-Bol or test. But deca will help you add a good amount of size and fill out your muscles.


(1) http://uk.businessinsider.com/michael-b-jordan-workout-regimen-routine-for-black-panther-2018-2?r=US&IR=T

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    8 Comments on Did Michael B. Jordan Take Steroids for Black Panther?

    1. I bet this website is owned by Hollywood or someone who profits from the movie industry.. you guys have absolutely no idea what steroids are about, how they work and their effects. It’s more than obvious you are covering up all these actors who are using. Probably my comment won’t even get approved but whatever

      • Strong theory lol. I don’t work for Hollywood, all of my posts are 100% truthful and unbiased. I see it how it is with no prejudice or alterior motives. Whatever I find in evidence determines the verdict. Probably not the best post to question my motives where I actually concluded that Michael was juicing 🙂

    2. He looked good in Creed. He didn’t need to take Steroids. But I can understand the pressure with a (now) billion dollar movie on the line.

      • It’s best to stay away from any supplements/steroids that will harm your body, but I can understand his motives – killmonger is massive in the comics

    3. I figured he was natural. When he said Ryan called him for the role and he accepted, he said he immediately started training. He was smaller and leaner in Creed, but in interviews for Black Panther, he said he wanted to add size to look more threatening. He mentioned meal prepping, consistently eating (almost to a point where it became a chore), and said he worked out daily.

    4. Hi! I am a big fan of your website going on there practically everyday or every other day but I think you should re-look at Michael B Jordan’s physique, especially with the new pictures and trailer for Creed 2 our and then decide if he’s on steroids. I truly don’t believe he is. Even looking at the previous comment from Anthony on your Michael B Jordan post I think it’s possible he got that physique naturally. Again imma huge fan of yours and love reading your articles!

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