Summer Bodies: Are we getting bigger?

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Has Love Island made men more beach body ready?

NHS research shows we’re exercising a lot more! 65% of British men are meeting the guidelines* set by the government. This compares to just 32% in 1997, have shows like Love Island helped us change?

We’ve all noticed the post-christmas surge at the gym; this summer, should we be preparing ourselves for even more waiting around for the weights? Thanks to shows like Love Island, last summer saw a huge increase in Insta-fitness accounts along with guys and girls strutting around in skin-tight gym clothes. Will this trend continue?

So, now Love Island is back and it’s toned, tanned flesh as far as they eye can see. Last year, Chris, Kem, and the gang sparked a few unlikely trends: skin tight white jeans, glitter boobs, and the phrase ‘dick sand’ to name a few.

Jeans aside, the Love Island gang were broad and muscle bound with tiny waists and not a hint of a belly in sight. While this might not be true of everyone on the beach this summer, one need only head to a certain kind of festival or a pool party in Ibiza to see the kind of summer body people are going for in 2018.

Looking though our parents old holiday snaps we can see that this wasn’t always the case. So when did everything change? Was it Instagram or was it only a matter of time? The data from the NHS public health survey shows shows that in the last 20 years we've been getting taller, heavier, and working out a lot more (over twice as many people now meet the requirements).


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